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    Recycled Plastic Clear Case | Transparant

    €39, 99
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    DECODED Recycled Plastic Transparent Clear Case for iPhone 15

    Embrace the future with DECODED's Crystal Clear Case, a model of sustainable design crafted exclusively for the iPhone 15 series. Every facet of this case resonates with transparency and sustainable elegance.

    Unparalleled Clarity with GRS Recycled Polycarbonate

    Observe the straightforward blend of style and functionality with the case manufactured from 100% GRS Recycled Polycarbonate. This transparent case allows the iPhone's design to be visible and indicates a preference for eco-friendly choices.

    Anti-Yellowing: Forever Crystal Clear

    Prevent the issue of noticeable yellowing. The Clear Case has an anti-yellowing feature to guard against UV discoloration, helping the case to maintain its original clarity over time.

    Durable Design From Recycled Plastic

    Made with care from durable recycled plastic, this case provides prolonged protection while maintaining its style and transparency.

    Effortless Charging with MagSafe Compatibility

    Never let anything slow you down. With MagSafe enhancement, the Transparent Clear Case supports both magnetic and wireless charging, ensuring your device remains powered up effortlessly.

    Metal Buttons: A Touch of Premium Functionality

    The metal buttons featured on this case contribute to its distinct appearance and are designed for practical functionality. They ensure each press is both effective and consistent, reflecting the overall quality of the case's construction.

    Elevated Camera Protection

    Capture memories without hesitation. The raised metal ring around the camera ensures your iPhone 15's lens remains scratch-free, guarding against potential damages.

    Enhanced Screen Safety

    Every inch of your iPhone matters. That’s why our case has a raised edge around the screen, offering an added layer of protection against potential scratches and accidental rubs.

    Eco-Driven Packaging

    For environmental considerations, the DECODED Transparent Clear Case is packaged in materials sourced from recycling and contains no plastic. Buying this product indicates a preference for sustainable choices.

    Choose DECODED Transparent Clear Case for iPhone 15, a testament to crystal-clear protection, sustainable design, and unmatched functionality. Dive into an experience where innovation meets responsibility.


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    • Gratis verzending binnen Nederland
    • Gratis retour binnen 30 dagen
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